December 23, 2020

Rushy’s ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ Appeal

The former Cougars Captain third year of his Xmas Fundraiser for MNDA...

Whilst there has been much publicity surrounding Kevin Sinfields and other efforts to raise funds for the Motor Neuron Disese Association former Keighley and Fev Full Back James Rushforth is into his third year of his annual Christmas appeal for MNDA.

Starting out as a ‘bit of fun he posted his first ‘ drive home for Christmas ‘ video in 2013, originally featuring his thoughts on the past year and an annual murdering of the Chris Rea track filmed from his works van. Howevert for the past two years James has used its popularity not just to raise money but also awareness of MND after the loss of his former team mate from the Cougars 2003 Championship 1 winning side Phil Stephenson from the condition .

To date he’s raised just short of ยฃ10,000 and you can donate to this year effort here.

Motor Neurone Disease has become very close to my heart, as it has taken away 3 of my friends over the last couple of years, and I currently personally know people suffering from it. I cannot begin to describe what these people and their families go through, and the suffering it causes. My aim is to one day, with your help, be able to say that we contributed to finding a treatment or even a cure that can fight this horrendous disease.ย  My aim remains the same year on year, keep pushing, keep hoping, that we together can contribute to finding that breakthrough to combat this disease.’ Thank you one and all. ‘


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