November 30, 2020

Wiganosophy – A social commentary

The backcover Blurb reads 'blends philosophical discourse with rugby league, and Wigan ' and quotes Socrates (the Ancient Philospher not the spectacullary bearded Brazillian footballer of the 1980s..) .Dont be…...

 Just coming down from the euphoria of Sundays game and you get hit by the biggest jolt when this appeared on the Cougars Facebook Feed a couple of days later..

If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that Jordan was one of my junior players in the old Cougar Cubs set up .As both teammate and friend to ‘our Ben ‘ I’ve known ‘Aitch’ since he was playing mini league and seen him develop into a fine RL Player over the years .

Thankfully Jordans condition is treatable and we’ll hopefully see him back in the Red White and Green before long .

The fact that his issue was picked up through routine heart screening of the playing squad is testament to the campaigning effort of Lizzie Jones after Danny’s tragic passing to bring the issue of compulsory cardiac testing for all level of  Pro RL in the UK . Since 2016 a year after Jones’s death from a previously undetected heart complaint all clubs must provide testing for their players.

Jordan was just beginning his Pro Career as Danny was in the Cougars First team and its poignant that ‘one of our own is amongst the first to benefit from Dannys legacy

Danny Jones Defib Fund 

Rach P
Written by Rach P

Fat, Fifty Rugby League Enthusiast .Avid follower of all things League 1 and unfortunate survivor of a 50 year love affair with Keighley RLFC..



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