January 22, 2020

Toughen it up Toronto ?

Wolfpack talking points .. no doubt the first of many on my rugby league blog . #rfl125...

And so the Toronto talking point fest carries on , whatever your opinion on the Wolfpack it’s fair to say their exploits keeps many an RL discussion forum going !

Personally I’m pretty ambivalent towards the Canadians , I’m certainly don’t consider myself an M62 ‘luddite’ and I understand that the game has to progress to survive but I’m  never 100% that trans Atlantic teams are the way to go for many reasons that I’ll leave for another  post no doubt sometime soon !

On a positive though I’ve loved the much needed introduction of the French Teams into the league structure,  and obviously as a League 1 Fan , you can see the foundations that are building to establish the sport both at community and professional levels  in outposts like Newcastle , Coventry and North London.

Anyway to Wolfpack Coach Brian McDermott’s outburst regarding the salary cap and the fact that he only has a squad of 23 to pick from for the upcoming Super League Season

We’re going to go into a competition where we have to abide by the same rules. It’s at that point you wonder whether the game want us in.

“When I ask that rhetorical question, of course they do, but I just think it is short-sighted to say you can come in, but you have to pay for everyone’s flights, everyone’s accommodation, you’re not getting any central funding, you’re not allowed any more overseas players and you’ve got to play by the same salary cap.’

So come on Brian – lets put this into a real world scenario .Say you want to buy a house ?

Do you stick with the little through terrace that is affordable and within your means , knowing if you over time do some work on it gently away you’ll be able to move up the ladder to a slightly bigger house over time ?

Or  go for the big house in the exclusive area  immediately that you’ve always wanted  ?

You sign the paperwork agreeing to pay for your new house .

Three years down the line when the bank is taking back your big posh pad because you’ve failed to keep up with the mortgage your arguments  of ‘ Look I’m the model neighbour , Chairman of the Residents Association and the Neighbourhood watch -you cant do this to me  ‘ don’t matter . You knew what you were getting into , you knew the costs and your own incomes and outgoings and chose your own path .. you signed the agreement no sympathy….

Simplistic maybe but then again I’m a simple soul .

My own take is that I can see  McDermott’s argument for an increased salary cap for the Wolfpack and to a lesser extent the Broncos because of increased living costs would have had some validity had it been highlighted in the off season  but lets be honest in view of recent events in Wolfpack land his timing was appalling   

Last word though short but sucinctly uttered by Hull FC Chairman Adam Pearson which sorts of kibosh’s McDermott’s argument in a single sentence

‘“Don’t pay £3m to one player and then complain that you haven’t got enough players or enough money’

Rach P
Written by Rach P

Fat, Fifty Rugby League Enthusiast .Avid follower of all things League 1 and unfortunate survivor of a 50 year love affair with Keighley RLFC..



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