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No ..Just No

Not just Dropping the ball in the RFL Media Dept....but dropping the ball 6 foot from your own tryline while down to 12 men , 4 points in front and a min left of the 80 ...

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Oww Do ....

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Rach ,Female  middle aged and hormonally challenged Rugby League Obsessive .

Avid follower of all things League 1, RL Expansion and unfortunate survivor of a 50 year love affair with Keighley RLFC. (It’s complicated ) Former Junior Coach and Fat Prop of this Parish .

 Real Ale afficianado (pint of any decent IPA if you’re buying)

Growing older greyer rounder and grumpier .Occasional Rants to be expected …

All views expressed on here are my own and quite frankly if you dont agree with me , well each to their own !

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